Sunday, June 2, 2013

HSBC Credit Card Application

HSBC Credit Card ApplicationHSBC Credit Card Application HBAA712VCC (R7) 12/12 Page 1 of 3 YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS FOR YOUR SECURITY Complete the form using blue or black pen and print in clear CAPITAL LETTERS Mother’s maiden name (surname before marriage) Please give details of a relative or friend who lives in Australia but DOES NOT live with you. If this person is a work colleague, please include their residential address and not their work address. Given name(s)Title Surname Daytime phone number Evening phone number Relationship to you Credit card approval is subject to a good credit rating. You confirm that you are: 18 years of age or over Have a good credit history Have not been bankrupt nor defaulted on any payments Qantas

Frequent Flyer membership no. Type of credit card requested (If for any reason you do not meet the criteria for your chosen card, HSBC will select the best card for you) HSBC Credit Card (minimum income $20,000 p.a.) HSBC Platinum (minimum income $60,000 p.a.) HSBC Classic Credit Card (minimum income $20,000 p.a.) HSBC Platinum Qantas Credit Card (minimum income $60,000 p.a.) Own home Boarding Live with parents OtherRentingOwn home mortgaged Residential status Given name(s)Title Surname Previous address (cannot be a PO Box), if less than 3 years at your current address Postcode Your maximum requested credit limit $ (if left blank we will assign one to you) Number of dependant children Defacto Separated/DivorcedMarriedSingle Widow/Widower Marital status Date of birth DD MM YY Gender Male Female Nationality (specify if not Australian) Years Months Time at current addressCurrent residential address (cannot be a PO Box) Postcode Please enclose proof of your permanent address if your permanent address is different from the above residential address Home phone number ( ) Mobile phone number YesNo Are you a resident of Australia for tax purposes? Years Months Time with main bank (the bank that your salary is paid into) No HSBC Customer number Are you an existing HSBC customer? Yes Driver’s licence number By providing your email address, you consent to HSBC or it’s related entities sending you promotional electronic messages. If you do not wish to receive such messages, please leave this space blank. Email address Please provide proof of any former/other names Fax to: (02) 8987 5937ORMail the completed form to: Reply Paid 4263, SYDNEY NSW 2001 Credit provided by HSBC Bank Australia Limited ABN 48 006 434 162, Australian Credit Licence 232595. GPO Box 4263 Sydney NSW 2001, ph: 132 152, Page 2 of 3 YOUR EMPLOYMENT DETAILS YOUR FINANCIAL DETAILS (Note: Non disclosure may result in your application being delayed) Complete this section to transfer balances from other credit card and store card accounts to your credit card with HSBC. Please note that you can only transfer up to your available credit limit. This may mean that you are not able to transfer the entire balance from your other existing credit and store cards to your HSBC credit card. HSBC reserves the right to reduce the amount of the balance transfer request in accordance with the credit limit assigned to your application. Upon approval the balance transfers will be processed...

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