Friday, June 14, 2013

Stock Market Savvy - New York Stock Exchange

Stock Market Savvy - New York Stock ExchangeThe New York Stock Exchange, with the assistance of Lifetime Learning Systems, a division of Weekly Reader, is proud to present this free educational program, Stock Market Savvy: Investing for Your Future. Specifically designed for middle school and high school students, this program includes eight reproducible activities that can be customized to the needs of your class. The goal is to introduce your students to the financial world of long-term savings and investment in stocks. Students will see that long-term savings through investment in the securities market is integral to the economy and their own personal lives. This program will introduce students to the high-tech, exciting nature of the NYSE and the skilled market professionals that use state-of-the-art

technology on the Trading Floor. They will also understand that the NYSE maintains high standards of conduct and integrity in the hybrid market to ensure fair trading in securities for all investors. Stock Market Savvy: Investing for Your Future also helps students discover how to make informed investment decisions and understand why long-term savings through securities investment is important as they prepare for their future goals and dreams. Although the material is copyrighted, it can be reproduced for teaching purposes. Please complete and return the enclosed Educator Reply Card to receive future free educational programs and the enclosed survey to provide feedback on this program. Stock Market Savvy Investing for Your Future Information for Educators from the New York Stock Exchange Program Objectives Provide students with an understanding of the world of securities investment and its importance to their personal lives and private enterprise. Introduce students to the high-tech, exciting nature of the NYSE and the skilled market professionals on the Trading Floor and in the equities marketplace. Teach students about the high standards of con- duct and integrity at the NYSE that ensures fair trading for all investors. Explore how supply and demand affects stock prices in the securities marketplace. Encourage teachers, students, and their families to explore the opportunities for long-term savings growth as active and informed investors. Target Audience This program is designed for middle school and high school students in social studies, business, economics, consumer skills, or other relevant classes. It is helpful when teaching financial responsibility or for use in after-school stock or business clubs. Program Components This eight-page teacher’s guide, which contains curricula objectives, background information, instructions for using the student activity masters, answers to the student exercises, and suggested extension activities Eight reproducible student activity masters Two different full-color wall posters for class- room display A teacher survey How to Use the Posters Please display both posters in your classroom. Poster #1 (New York Stock Exchange): This poster will familiarize students with the New York Stock Exchange and help them appreciate the role NYSE- listed companies play in their daily lives and the economy. Owning stock in a company means owning a piece of that business. Investments grow over time and this means young investors can create a great opportunity for future earnings. Poster #2 (How To Read Stock Tables): One way to get a stock quote...

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