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Virtual Trading Guidelines - PSE Academy

VIRTUAL TRADING GUIDELINES - PSE Academypage 1 of 9 BROUGHT TO YOU BY: The Ultimate Competition of Online Stock Trading and Investment COMPETITION GUIDELINES (effective September 12, 2012) ABOUT THE COMPETITION 1. The FIRST METRO – PSE – CEAP STOCK X CHALLENGE (THE TOURNAMENT) is an online stock trading tournament accessible through the PSE ACADEMY WEBSITE (www.pseacademy.com.ph). 2. This virtual stock trading game is an ideal method to practice investment strategies, test market theories, practice equities trading, and buy and sell shares of stock with other virtual stock traders. 3. The virtual trading facility runs using real or actual market prices of the Exchange and is close to the current online trading system of the PSE. 4. The tournament starts at midnight or 12:00 AM

on OCTOBER 15, 2012 and will end at the close of trading hours at 3:30 PM on MARCH 15, 2013. 5. The tournament is a TEAM COMPETITION. A team must be composed of at least two (2) and not more than four (4) college students who are enrolled in the same school or university during the current academic school year 2012-2013. 6. One (1) team member must be assigned as team “captain”. The team “captain” will serve as the primary contact person of the team and shall represent the team in seeking advice from First Metro Investment Corporation, First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation, First Metro Asset Management, Inc., and PSE-designated competition advisers. 7. Each team may opt to have a team adviser, who must be a teacher/professor in the same school, and not, in any way, directly related to the organizers of the competition. 8. The organizers and sponsors will not allow substitution for registered team members during the course of the competition. 9. Schools are allowed to field as many teams as possible. However, in no instance, should any college student be allowed to participate in more than one team. 10. Prior to the competition, at least one member of each team must attend a PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT SEMINAR. Registration form for the competition will be given at the end of the seminar. The schedule of the seminars is posted on the official tournament site, (www.stockxchallenge.com), and the PSE Academy website (www.pseacademy.com). 11. All teams must conform to the following registration procedures. page 2 of 9 BROUGHT TO YOU BY: The Ultimate Competition of Online Stock Trading and Investment COMPETITION GUIDELINES (effective September 12, 2012) REGISTRATION PROCEDURES I. ACCOMPLISH TEAM REGISTRATION FORM a. Registration forms will be distributed upon attending the Portfolio Management Seminar. b. Accomplish registration form and affix name, designation/position, and signature of authorized school officer (signatory can either be the department chair or college dean). Scan the accomplished two-page registration form. c. Scan all members’ school identification card (both sides) as proof that each team member is a bonafide student enrolled during the school year 2012-2013. d. Email scanned documents to stockxchallenge@gmail.com with email subject ‘TEAM NAME-REGFORM’. e. Accomplished registration forms are to be submitted through email NOT LATER THAN TWO WEEKS after the scheduled portfolio management seminar that the participant/s attended. An email, (the “first confirmation email”) will be sent noting that the organizers have received...

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