Friday, July 26, 2013

Financial Accounting Assistant - Victoria School District 61

Financial Accounting Assistant - Victoria School District 61Financial Accounting Assistant Position Description | Qualifications OVERVIEW Under the direction of the Manager, Budgets and Financial Analysis, the Financial Accounting Assistant calculates department and school budget allocations; provides an internal control function by monitoring, forecasting and reporting on operating and trust fund expenditures as compared to budget; verifies and tracks changes related to staffing budgets and allocations and staff assignments. The position compiles information and prepares statistical and financial reports in relation to both school and district level budgets; and provides general financial, administrative, and budgetary support to schools and departments. POSITION DESCRIPTION FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING ASSISTANT FAA - 1 Calculates and supports the preparation and implementation of budgets for the District by: calculating annual department and trust fund budgets;

calculating the detailed educational, school assistant and clerical staffing allocations for the District’s annual budget, including establishing the average teachers’ salary and the average salaries for CUPE Local 947 positions; calculating the special needs budget allocations for each school; reviewing school and department requests to reallocate budget amounts to ensure the availability of budgeted funds; preparing supporting documentation to accompany budget submissions and ad hoc reporting requirements, such as retroactive salary cost calculations and costing analysis for proposed projects; updating and preparing staffing forms and collating and distributing the school staffing packages; and reviewing staffing packages returned by the schools; identifying budget and contractual issues and preparing lists of individuals declared excess to needs and vacant positions for the Human Resources Department FAA - 2 Monitors, forecasts and reports on operating and trust fund expenditures, staffing budgets and allocations, and staff assignments by: monitoring actual and projected expenditures as compared to budget and preparing variance analyses; identifying budget deficits and/or surpluses for management decision- making; using financial analyses to identify trends and to validate data; preparing journal entries to correct expenditures charged to incorrect budget categories; preparing documentation to support reallocating budget amounts to match the expenditure plans; verifying and tracking changes for educational, school assistant and clerical staffing allocations as compared to budget for each school; and maintaining a summary of staff assignments for all schools and departments reconciled to the budgeted allocations FAA - 3 Contributes to the Financial Services Department’s efforts to produce consistently accurate data, timely information and reports by: analyzing and compiling financial data from multiple sources to produce information to support budget amounts and accounting transactions, such as contractual leave comparisons over time; entering and balancing budget amounts maintained in the budget database system; researching budget and accounting related discrepancies and resolving issues with schools and departments; reviewing and preparing salary calculations; reviewing staffing change requests submitted by the schools for availability of budgeted funds and compliance with contractual obligations; and assisting in the development of overall budgetary systems and procedures to enhance financial planning and control within the District FAA - 4 Prepares schedules and reconciliations necessary to complete various Ministry of Education reports FAA - 5 Provides advice and support to department and school staff engaged in general accounting activities and in deploying staffing budget allocations FAA - 6 Performs other assigned comparable or transient duties which are within the area of...

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