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OPICS PLUS FOREIGN EXCHANGE Factsheet - MisysOPICS PLUS FOREIGN EXCHANGE Fact sheet Misys’ Opics Plus is a complete and automated front through back-office straight-through processing (STP) solution that allows financial institutions to increase their STP rates, reduce the cost of transactions, minimize reconciliation and provide strategic web access for their customers. Opics Plus Foreign Exchange (FX) Statistics: • Approximately 95% of the current client base, over 135 clients use Opics Plus FX • Of these clients, one of the top ten global banks processes over 30,000 FX transactions daily at a 96% STP rate across 52 branches in 18 countries using Opics Plus FX • A leading independent provider of foreign currency management and research increased STP rates from 50% to over 95% and reduced manual

reconcilement using the Misys solution Misys’ Opics Plus From deal inception to settlements and accounting, Opics Plus handles the entire Foreign Exchange instrument life cycle. Opics Plus processing includes deal capture, pricing, position management, Profit & Loss (P&L), exception based workflow, payments, confirmations, accounting, reporting and multiple off- the-shelf interfaces with market data and electronic dealing providers. The Opics Plus solution is comprised of a foundation of almost twenty years of core Opics Plus functionality delivered on a modern .Net, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), highly scalable platform. The solution delivers unsurpassed STP and back office capabilities to over 95% of the global client base. Opics Plus supports: • Spots, forwards, swaps, option takedowns and non deliverable forwards including full FX corporate functionality • Exchange traded derivatives functionality extends the core treasury suite to include futures strips, exchange for physicals, currency futures and options processing • Opics Plus also processes flexible transaction types including delivery options (splits, takedowns, uptakes and extends), allocations, rollovers and nondelivery forwards (NDFs) to fully support the demands of both interbank and corporate trading activity • For money markets, Opics Plus fully supports both short and long term deposits and loans, fixed and variable rates, CDs along with fixed income securities and repurchase agreements for treasuries, corporate bonds, discount, amortizing and coupon bearing instruments Trading Desk The flexible design and architecture of the Opics Plus Front and Middle Office ensures fast pricing and risk calculations; allowing users to cope with increasing volumes and the growing complexity of financial instruments. The end result means fewer systems, less manual processing the ability to introduce new products and be able to more effectively service your clients. Deal entry, pricing and risk monitoring tools are consolidated on the trader’s desktop. Each trader can configure and save their individual settings, including the screens and blotters required, preferred layout of screens and the order and content of the data based on the products traded and the positions managed. Pricers and calculators are integrated with deal entry and allow for deals to be automatically priced using real-time market data. Current market data can be manually changed and deals can be repriced allowing for what-if scenario analysis and simulations. Rates are updated instantly from market data providers such as Reuters and Bloomberg enabling for real-time position, P&L and risk statistics. Other market data sources can also be easily integrated if required. Opics Plus – Foreign...

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