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INTRODUCTION TO ORACLE 9i/10g PROGRAMMING© DNM Technology limited Phone + 353 1 4992500 INTRODUCTION TO ORACLE 9i/10g PROGRAMMING Course Length: 5 days Course Cost: €1,500 Course Description: In this class, students will learn how to create, retrieve, and manipulate objects in Oracle10g & 9i Structured Query Language (SQL). Students will also be introduced to Oracle database features and tools.. Students will learn the fundamentals of the PL/SQL programming language. Students will write stored procedures, functions, packages, and triggers, and implement complex business rules in

Oracle. Students will learn programming, management, and security issues of working with PL/SQL program units. Programming topics will include the built-in packages that come with Oracle, the creation of triggers, and stored procedure features. Audience: Application developers, database administrators, system administrators and users who write applications and procedures that access an Oracle database. Prerequisites: None Course Contents Relational Database and SQL Overview  Review of Relational Database Terminology  Relational Database Management Systems  Introduction to SQL  Oracle Versioning and History  Logical and Physical Storage Structures  Connecting to a SQL Database  Datatypes  Sample Database Using Oracle SQL*Plus  SQL*Plus  The SQL Buffer  Buffer Manipulation Commands  Running SQL*Plus PL/SQL Variables and Datatypes  Declaring Variables  Datatypes  Subtypes  Character Data  Dates and Timestamps  Date Intervals  Anchored Types  Assignment and Conversions  Selecting into a Variable PL/SQL Syntax and Logic  PL/SQL Blocks and Programs  Conditional Statements – IF/THEN  Conditional Statements – CASE  Comments and Labels  Loops  WHILE and FOR Loops © DNM Technology limited Phone + 353 1 4992500 Scripts  Tailoring Your SQL*Plus Environment  Viewing Table Characteristics  SQL*Plus Substitution...

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