Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Flexible Alternative for Oracle Bar Code

The Flexible Alternative for Oracle Bar Code andIntroduction The information accuracy and labor efficiency that bar codes and radio frequency identification (RFID) ta gs provide are essential for activities managed with Oracle® Warehouse Management (WMS) and Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA). However, printing bar code and RFID labels with data from Oracle WMS and MSCA has traditionally been challenging because thermal label printers have proprietary printer control languages (PCLs). Label printer incompatibility and limited bar code and RFID support features within the software have forced users to

add new servers or PCs to their print systems, or to implement custom programming to enable bar code and RFID output from Oracle applications. Now there is an Oracle-certified software alternative to traditional Oracle WMS and MSCA label printing methods that provides superior flexibility and lower total cost of ownership. Oracle WMS and MSCA users previously had three options for enabling bar code and RFID smart label output from the applications: • Custom software development; • Installation of a print server and associated middleware and design software to support label printers, or; • Implementation of PC-based labeling software, which require operator intervention and adds a hardware layer to the print system architecture. Oracle recently certified two new methods for bar code and RFID output from WMS and MSCA: • XML-enabled label printers preconfigured for Oracle connectivity; • BARCODE 2000 XML labeling software from Unibar, Inc., which resides on the Oracle host and provides enterprise-wide bar code and smart label printing, without print servers or printer- dedicated PCs. (See Fig. 1). Figure 1: Unibar BARCODE 2000 XML processes Oracle’s XML print commands. No other software or processor is required between the Oracle application and the printer. Each method has advantages, limitations...

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