Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Guide To Tree Sketching

Guide To Tree SketchingClare Walker Leslie’s Guide to Sketching Trees Student Nature Journal Lessons For Hope™ Introduction This journal will help you to draw trees. You will find directions for drawing blind and modified contours, and deciduous and evergreen trees (see glossary for definitions). For each type of tree there is a corresponding blank page that can be used as a template for your drawings. When choosing a location for the activity, it will be helpful to find a tree far enough away

from you to see the entire silhouette. Try to be as accurate as possible, and remember to observe, create and have fun! If at any time the type of drawing exercise seems too hard or confusing, feel free to copy Clare’s drawings. Remember, this is how the masters learn to draw! Blind Contour Exercise Clare’s Tree Student’s Tree Tre with leaves Tre with no leaves 1 Source: Jacqueline Little Blind Contour of Tree Date: Location: Weather: Temperature: Sunrise/Sunset: Moon Phase: Habitat Conditions: ●Blind contours are drawn using one continuous line, without ever looking at your paper. ●Don’t peek until you are through the whole tree- leaves, branches, etc. ●Use scrap paper for additional drawings. Modified Contour of Tree ●Modified contours are drawn using one continuous line, but you are allowed to look at your paper. ●These exercises are for SEEING trees, not for making ‘Good drawings!’ Share your drawings with each other and laugh. But also look for how well you have described your tree! 2 The Basics Tree Silhouette Trees come in different shapes. Note the basic shape of the tree crown and forking of the branches. Drawing Tree Limbs Branches grow out from the trunk, getting thinner and...

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