Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Learn how to draw the pigeon

Learn how to draw the pigeon - the PIGEON!Art © 2008 Mo Willems 8 Art © 2008 Mo Willems Let's Draw the PIGEON! 6. Draw two lines down for his legs (just like you did for Pigeon’s neck). 7. Make three letter Vs: two for the Pigeon’s feet and one for his wing (which goes inside the circ-angle). Your pigeon doesn’t have to look like mine–just remember to have fun! The more you draw, the better you get! Once you get basic drawing down, you can try variations,

moving the Pigeon’s beak, wings, legs, and eyes to see how many feelings you can get! Your pal, MO! by Mo Willems Congratulations! You drew the Pigeon! Show your pals! 1. At the top of your page, make a circle for Pigeon’s head. Now draw another, smaller circle inside it. You’ve made a donut! 2. Now darken in the eyeball inside the small circle. Where you place the eyeball (in the middle, up, down, or to the side) will determine how the Pigeon feels! 3. Now make a sideways letter “M” for the Pigeon’s beak. (If you’d rather make a sideways letter “W”, that’s fine with me.) 4. Draw two straight lines down for the Pigeon’s neck, and two straight lines across for his collar. (This is always more fun with sound effects!) 5. Now comes the patented Mo Willems “circ-angle” for the Pigeon’s body! A circ-angle is a circle that halfway through changes its mind and decides to become a triangle. PigeonWants_EventKit2.indd 8 2/14/08 6:30:52 PM...

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