Wednesday, June 30, 2010


HOW TO DRAW A SEMI-REALISTIC CHARACTER This tutorial explains how ...HOW TO DRAW A SEMI-REALISTIC CHARACTER This tutorial explains how to draw a Comic Character in Semi-Realistic style with Adobe Photoshop but you could use this method for others styles. Tools: Adobe Photoshop and a Graphic tablet (or a mouse if you don’t have) I use different layers, then I can easily correct my drawing if I need: Abbreviation: SRB: Soft round brush W: Width C: Color O: Opacity E: Eraser GB: Gaussian blur You can create additional layers like

"hair shadow". (I didn't need this layer for Wolverine because his hair is dark). First, I draw in black and white and after I add some layers to change colors. Create a new document of 1800 x 2100 px "Sketch 1" and "Sketch 2" For this drawing, I used 2 layers: the first one for the basic lines and the second one for a more detailed sketch. I always put the "sketch" layer on the top, then I can choose to make it visible or not. I choose colors that I will not use for my drawing. Tools: SRB (W: 4px) "Background" Create a "Background" layer. It can be black or white for the moment. "Skin" Draw the basic shape of the skin Tools: SRB (W: 20/100 PX, C: #bfbfbf, O: 100%) Select only the non-transparent areas of "Skin" Layer: Ctrl-click (Windows) Command-click (Mac OS) the layer thumbnail in the Layers panel. "Shadow 1" Paint large shadows. I use opacity between 10% and 15% when I draw shadows with a black brush. Tools: SRB (W: 200 px, C: black, O: 12%) Apply a GB (15px) To correct shadows or lights, use an eraser with opacity of 10% "Light 1" Paint...

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