Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oracle Programming for Experienced Programmers (SQL105)

877-489-7745 Oracle Programming for Experienced Programmers (SQL105)877-489-7745 Oracle Programming for Experienced Programmers (SQL105) Course Description This 5-day course provides a comprehensive set of topics necessary for effective programming with the SQL language for the Oracle database. The SQL*Plus language is also covered which includes ANSI standard SQL as well as the Oracle-specific extensions. The course provides both lecture and hands-on lab time with the student spending approximately 50% of the class time practicing the techniques discussed in the lecture. Audience This course is intended for technically

oriented end-users, application developers and programmers who will create or maintain Oracle applications. Course Topics Introduction to Oracle What is Oracle? Overview of Oracle Products Relational Database Management System Concurrency Recovery Security Referential Integrity Portability The Where Clause Where Clause Operators Equal Operator Not Equal Operator IN Operator LIKE Operator Database Integrity Constraints Not Null Constraint Unique Constraint Primary Key Constraint Foreign Key Constraint Enabling & Disabling Constraints Dropping Constraints Deferred Constraints Data Definition Language Creating Tables Altering Tables Creating Tables with Subquery Adding Columns to Tables Dropping Columns BETWEEN Operator NULL Operator Formatting Output Using SQL*Plus Commands SQL Buffer Commands Using Files SET Commands Column Formatting Options Page Headings Page Footers The BREAK Command Calculations & Character Functions Performing Calculations NVL Function DECODE Function LENGTH Function LOWER Function RPAD Function SUBSTR Function Date & Numeric Functions CEIL & FLOOR Functions ROUND Function ADD_MONTHS Function MONTHS_BETWEEN Function NEXT_DAY Function Date Formatting Group Operators The Group By Clause Group Functions The Having Clause Using Multiple Tables Simple Table Join Qualified Column Reference Table Alias Outer Joins Dropping Tables Creating Other Database Objects Private & Public Synonyms Creating Sequences Roles System & Object Privileges Creating Indexes Creating Views Advanced Subqueries Multiple Value...

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