Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How to Draw Shapes

How to Draw ShapesHow to Draw Shapes Subject Descriptors: Draw shapes, Shape Tools, Rectangle Tool, Rounded Rectangle Tool, Ellipse Tool, Polygon Tool, Line Tool, Custom Shape Tool. Application (Version): Adobe Photoshop CS3 Task Description: How do I draw shapes? How do I use the shape tool? Tutorial Date: 13 May 2009, by Arnousone Chanthalyxay Select the "Shape Tools" How to Draw Shapes - 1 Select a shape from the "Shape Tools" Change the color. Click on the color to select a different color.

How to Draw Shapes - 2 Select a color. 1 - Move the tabs on the rainbow bar up and down to choose a color or click on the color that you would like to use. 2 - Choose the shade of the color that you would like to use. 3 - This is the color that you have selected. How to Draw Shapes - 3 Click on "OK" Once you have selected a color click on "OK" How to Draw Shapes - 4 Draw a shape. Draw a shape by clicking and dragging the mouse until the shape is the size that you want. The shape will not have any color until you let go of the mouse button. How to Draw Shapes - 5 Polygon Tool Select the "Polygon Tool" Change the "Sides" You can create the shape that you want to draw by changing how many sides the shape has. - 3 sides = Triangle - 8 sides = Octagon How to Draw Shapes - 6 Line Tool This tool allows you to draw lines across your image. Drawing lines is the same as drawing shapes. Custom Shapes This tool allows you to draw different shapes from...

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